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ABn'G originally started as a department store co-founded in 2014. Retailing in general life-style, unique art pieces and collectibles.

Based on the market need and our dear client's demands, ABn'G has then launched ABn’G Playgrond in 2016. A design Studio specializing in Space Design, Product Design, Interior Design, Events Design, Stores displays designs, and Art Direction of selective projects. We simply transform venues into a magical world.

With the success and growth ABn’G Playground achieved, it was time to expand and take our production to a new level. In 2021 we launched ABn’G Circus, the factory where all our designs come to life.

After designing and producing a few customized Giveaways & Kits to some of our dear clients and receiving delightful feedback, we decided to finally introduce ABn’G Surprise to the market. Offering unique, artsy and tailored giveaways, it’s guaranteed to make companies stand out.

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